The Qoyacha dance celebrates agriculture and the gifts Pachamama (Mother Earth) has given the world. It is very similar to another dance at the village of Paucartambo called the Contradanza.


Object 2015.6.10: Qoyacha mask

The mask is made up of painted mesh wire. The blue eyes and the skin tone depicts European influence. It also has been used to mock Indians who consider themselves more as European by blood and culture. The mask also symbolizes the hierarchy mixed-race individuals had over Indian and Afro-Peruvian peoples.


Object 2015.6.11: Qoyacha headdress

The Qoyacha headdress is made from ribbons and sequins with sewn tassels.


Object 2015.6.11(1): Qoyacha headdress


Banner image by iperu.org

Prepared by Kathleen B. Connell

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